Oleo Bone
Oleo Bone

Each one of us, at each point is a product of our nature, nurture and culture. Like me, the nurture and culture in your childhood has played a great role in the product that you are today. And the major in this is parenting, a fundamental part of this process. This reality is what makes parenting a serious business, a pleasurable adventure. It is a lifelong journey of learning and earning, going on rolled into each other. What you earn helps what you learn and the other way round.

Considering the fact that human are the most important part of creation. Yes, I mean it. That is because every human life has an infinite potential waiting to be identified, edified, synergized and harnessed. Each of the world leaders didn’t start that way. They grew up their. They evolved from nobodies to become somebody.

Intentional Parenting

Try as much as possible not to just do things as they come. Be intentional about Superlative Parenting. Know what exact values and results you are getting at. When you are trying to help a tough child become temperate, avoid saying or doing things that will frustrate that process and further harden them. Rather, say and do things that are congruent to achieving that goal. It is worthwhile. With change comes a whole lot of learning and unlearning. Deliberately foster the elements of change. Parents, do not provoke your children to wrath.

I tell you, parenting can be a great deal of fun if you learn about your children, know their tendencies and how to help them and ultimately stay committed to the process.

It is not natural that your child doesn’t turn out the way you wish. Every parent will wish their children to be the best and just fine. This way, there will be no dysfunctional, abused child. And this whole world will be heaven on earth.

But the truth is that GOD is available to help us, He expects us to actively partner with HIM in the parenting process.

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